PyNeb  1.1.2
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pyneb.core.emisGrid Namespace Reference


class  EmisGrid


def getEmisGridDict

Function Documentation

def pyneb.core.emisGrid.getEmisGridDict (   elem_list = None,
  spec_list = None,
  atom_list = None,
  restore = True,
  pypic_path = None,
  n_tem = 100,
  n_den = 100,
  tem_min = 5000.,
  tem_max = 20000.,
  den_min = 10.,
  den_max = 1e8,
  save = True,
  atomDict = None,
  createPypicsDir = True,
  computeIfAbsent = True 
Return a dictionary of EmisGrid objects referred to by their atom string (e.g. 'O3').

    emisgrids = pn.getEmisGridDict(['C', 'N', 'O'], [2, 3], save=True)
    emisgrids = pn.getEmisGridDict(atom_list=['N2', 'O2', 'O3'], pypic_path='/tmp/pypics/',
                    den_max = 1e6)
    emisgrids = pn.getEmisGridDict(atomDict=diags.atomDict)

    - elem_list         list of elements
    - spec_list         list of spectrum values (integers)
    - atom_list         list of atoms (e.g. ['N2', 'O3'])
    - restore           Boolean. If True (default), the program will search for a previously computed grid.
                        If not found, it will compute the EmisGrid (unless computeIfAbsent is set to False)
    - pypic_path        directory where to look for the pypic emissivity files. It defaults to pn.config.pypic_path, 
                        which is defined when the PyNeb session begins and corresponds to $HOME/.pypics if
                        the ENVIRONMENT variable HOME is accessible or to /tmp/pypics otherwise
    - n_tem, n_den      number of points in the Te and Ne samples resp. 
    - tem_min, tem_max, den_min, den_max    limits for Te and Ne
    - save              Boolean. If True (default), the emissivity grid will be saved. It has no effect if the 
                        EmisGrid has just been restored.
    - atomDict          dictionary of Atom objects
    - computeIfAbsent   If the file to restore is absent and this parameter is True (default), the 
                        EmisGrid is computed