PyNeb  1.1.2
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pyneb.utils.manage_atomic_data Namespace Reference


class  _ManageAtomicData


def atom2chianti (atom)
def extract_flt (str_)
def readNIST
def getLevelsNIST
def getNIST
def print_stout_coll (Atom, file_)

Function Documentation

def pyneb.utils.manage_atomic_data.atom2chianti (   atom)
def pyneb.utils.manage_atomic_data.extract_flt (   str_)
Return the first float in str_, removing the no digit (and no dot) leading part of it.
extract_flt('123.00?') -> 123.00
def pyneb.utils.manage_atomic_data.getLevelsNIST (   atom,
  NLevels = None 
Return a numpy.array containing the NIST data related to the levels for the given atom
The keys of the recarry are: conf, term, J, energy, ref
    data = getLevelsNIST('O3')
    energies = data['energy']
def pyneb.utils.manage_atomic_data.getNIST (   elem,
  fileout = None 
This will download the enegy levels from NIST and write them to a file
example: getNIST('O',3) write the o_iii_levels.dat file
def pyneb.utils.manage_atomic_data.print_stout_coll (   Atom,
def pyneb.utils.manage_atomic_data.readNIST (   NISTfile,
  NLevels = None 
The NIST levels file must be obtained from this page:
with the following options:
    Level Units: cm-1
    Format output: ASCIIda
    Display output: in its entirely
    Energy ordered
    Level Information: Principal configuration, Principal term, Level, J
    Bibliographic references