PyNeb  1.1.2
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pyneb.utils.pn_chianti Namespace Reference


class  _AtomChianti
class  _CollChianti


def Chianti_getA
def Chianti_getE
def get_levs_order
def Chianti_getOmega

Function Documentation

def pyneb.utils.pn_chianti.Chianti_getA (   ion_chianti,
  NLevels = None 
Return As from Chianti database.
    As_O3 = Chianti_getA('o_3')
def pyneb.utils.pn_chianti.Chianti_getE (   ion_chianti,
  NLevels = None 
Return energies from the Chianti database
    E_O3 = Chianti_getE('o_3')
def pyneb.utils.pn_chianti.Chianti_getOmega (   ion_chianti,
  lev1 = None,
  lev2 = None,
  Splups = None,
  NLevels = None 
Return the values of Upsilon at a given temperature (may be a table)
    Chianti_getOmega('o_3', 10000)
    Chianti_getOmega('o_3', np.linspace(5000, 20000, 20))
lower and upper levels can be given as lev1 and lev2. If not, full table is return
Splups is the result of _chianti_tools.splupsRead(ion_chianti), can be passed to avoid reloading it
NLevelsMax reduce the number of levels considered.
def pyneb.utils.pn_chianti.get_levs_order (   atom,
  NLevels = None 
Returns a dictionary giving the correspondence of indices between NIST and Chianti energy level tables.