PyNeb  1.1.2
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pyneb.utils.polytemplate Namespace Reference


string rel_import = "from . import"
tuple polytemplate = string.Template(.replace('REL_IMPORT', rel_import))

Detailed Description

Template for the Chebyshev and Polynomial classes.

This module houses a Python string module Template object (see, e.g., used by
the `polynomial` and `chebyshev` modules to implement their respective
`Polynomial` and `Chebyshev` classes.  It provides a mechanism for easily
creating additional specific polynomial classes (e.g., Legendre, Jacobi,
etc.) in the future, such that all these classes will have a common API.

Variable Documentation

tuple polytemplate = string.Template(.replace('REL_IMPORT', rel_import))
string rel_import = "from . import"